Man, woman traumatized after killing intruder, daughter says

Man, 21, had served three years in prison for aggravated assault

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The man who was killed in a home invasion in Arlington on Friday morning had been released from prison in April.

Marquise Yates, 21, served close to three years for aggravated assault with no intent to kill, a crime he committed in Baker County.

The daughter of the man and woman who shot and killed Yates (pictured below) during that home invasion said her parents are traumatized and can't go back home.

It's been several days, and Amber Olsen still can't stop shaking thinking about an armed intruder going after her parents and her 7-year old son, Mason.

"He was going to kill them and my son," Olsen said. "He was going toward my son's room. So my mother grabbed her gun and started shooting at him, and when that happened, my stepfather grabbed his gun and shot him as well. My mother and dad are heroes. They stopped him from getting to my son."

Previous booking photo of Marquise Treviel Yates
Previous booking photo of Marquise Treviel Yates

Olsen's parents yelled out to Mason to stay in his room. Mason said he curled up in a ball and prayed.

Olsen said Yates shot into the boy's bedroom, breaking a lamp. She said he also shot at her stepfather, who has 10 staples where the bullet grazed his head, and bit her stepfather's rib cage and finger.

Olsen said her mom will never walk the same again, after the intruder pushed her down and got on top of her with his gun.

She said her parents are physically and mentally hurt, and their house is trashed. They've decided to move out.

"We have bullet holes through the walls. The floor is ruined in the living room because it's an older wooden floor," Olsen said. "It's just there are too many bad memories there now. … They shouldn't have to go to a home with a police escort and keep looking over your shoulder."

The night before the incident, Mason prayed for God to surround his grandparents with angels.

"(It was) kind of an unusual prayer for him. He usually says something else, and he said he was saying that prayer when he was in his room when it happened," Olsen said.

Now Olsen is praying the community will wrap its arms around her parents to help them heal.

"It's unfortunate that someone lost their life, but they had to, they had to do it, and they just need some help," Olsen said. "They're good people."

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