Woman drives into Westside plasma donation center

9 hurt in incident; Driver charged with aggravated battery

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman is in the hospital but she soon could be heading to jail after she intentionally drove her car into a Westside plasma donation center, sending eight other people to the hospital, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

The crash happened after noon Saturday at DCI Biologicals on Blanding Boulevard, a facility where people can donate plasma.

Police said 35-year-old Pamela Miller arrived at DCI Biologicals with her boyfriend Saturday morning. People inside told News4Jax she had taken several pills while waiting.

From there, police said Miller got into an argument with employees.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Pamela Miller

"We're getting conflicting stories," said Lt. Derrick Mitchell, of JSO. "Some folks are saying that she was upset because she wasn't able to donate. After she was told she couldn't donate, that's when she crashed the car into the front of the business."

Authorities said Miller was the only one inside of the car when she drove it about 40 feet inside of the business. It didn't take long for police to arrive, as the JSO substation is next door.

"I had just walked outside of the door when I was getting to my car when I saw this car right here actually pull up," said witness Jamal Ford. "The lady, she stopped right behind my vehicle and then accelerated right through the door of the building."

Ford said moments later the driver of the Honda Accord put it in reverse, backed up and punched the gas.

"Screaming, hollering, people in a state of shock," said Ford. "Nobody knows what's going on, nor what to do."

Nine people were hurt. Police said none of the injuries are life-threatening. Several people News4Jax spoke with are surprised, but thankful Saturday's incident wasn't worse.

"She didn't spare any mercy for anybody. She sped and plowed through everyone that was standing there," said Ford.

Police said Miller is charged with aggravated battery, but the State Attorney's Office could add more charges. There's no word on when the business will be back open.

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