SWAT captures inmate in Westside home

32-year-old James Bailey did not return from work-release

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office's SWAT team took an inmate into custody, Monday morning, after he failed to return from work-release.

Police identified the inmate as 32-year-old James Bailey. Bailey surrendered himself to SWAT after barricading himself in a Westside home for several hours.

Early Monday morning, officers were dispatched to 7600 Del Road, just off of Ricker Road, after they were notified that an inmate was barricaded inside the home.

"We received a call from the Department of Corrections that they were tracking a suspect that did not return to his stated incarceration terms. And he is a felony suspect that has several warrants that are confirmed. We were able to locate him at a residents up the street," said Lieutenant Terrence James.

There were other people in the home on Del Road at the time, and SWAT was able to get them out safely, according to JSO.

"Patrol tried to pick him up first, but [the inmate] barricade himself inside. We were able to detain two individuals that were with him in the yard and once we were unable to make contact with him and get him to respond, then we called SWAT," said James.

SWAT continued with several attempts to engage Bailey, trying to get him to surrender.

"Right now SWAT is searching the perimeter and they are trying to make contact with him too. Obviously to get him to surrender peacefully. So they are in the process of doing that right now," said James.

Neighbors in surrounding homes were contacted and told to stay inside until the situation is resolved.

"On one side of residence it is vacant [homes] and on the other side, the westside, we made contact with [the neighbors] and had them stay in their [homes] and they are not in any danger," said James.

According to police, Bailey was serving eight years for robbery, but did not meet his obligations with the Department of Corrections.

After Bailey was taken into custody around 7 a.m., it's unsure if he will face additional charges. Police have not yet said if the people inside the home will also be facing charges.