The App To Make Your College Student Go To Class

New iPhone App is Called Class120

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9. iPhone 6 (From Apple)

If you're thinking about sending your child to college you already know it can be expensive. The cost of tuition, room-and-board, books and meals can add up fast. College gets even more expensive if your child doesn't graduate on time, but if you're worried about your student skipping classes, don't worry. There's now an app for that.

USA Today reports there's an app called Class120 available for your iPhone. The app allows parents, professors and coaches to monitor a student. The app doesn't track the student all day long, but it does send out alerts if the student doesn't go to a particular class.

The app isn't free. It costs $199 dollars a year, but the price tag might be worth it when you consider the massive cost of an extra semester at College.