Dentist investigated for possible Medicaid fraud

Embattled Southside pediatric dentist under investigation by state

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Southside pediatric dentist facing parent accusations of malpractice and claims that he abused children during dental procedures is now also facing a state Medicaid fraud investigation.

Lt. Michael Maloney, with the Florida Attorney General's Office is in Jacksonville, investigating claims of Medicaid fraud by Dr. Howard S. Schneider.

Maloney, who works in the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, said he's in town to gather information. He said there's no reason to believe Schneider did anything wrong, but the state is doing a full investigation. Jacksonville police are also looking into the claims of abuse.

Maloney was out for several hours Thursday, questioning parents who were protesting outside Schneider's pediatric dental practice on University Boulevard.

The sidewalk was packed all day Thursday as parents and patients picketed for the third day in a row.

Parents and children outside the office said Schneider was abusive toward them, was rude and cursed at them. Some claim to have permanent damage from his procedures.

"The cap that he put on, I can't even eat on that side now," 10-year-old Joss Whitten said. "Whenever I eat on that side or drink any water it's like swelling up a lot."

Schneider told News4Jax on Wednesday that the complaints are unfounded. He said he follows proper protocol with all his patients, and he's upset people are trying to ruin his name.