Randall Deviney convicted again in 2008 murder

First conviction in murder of Delores Futrell overturned on appeal

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Duval County jury has found Randall Deviney guilty of first-degree murder in the death of his 65-year-old neighbor, Delores Futrell.

The jury was charged just before lunch and was to begin deliberations in the afternoon. Less than three hours later, the jury returned its verdict.

"It's been very difficult but we're very pleased with the outcome.  We're very pleased the jury believed the case as it was presented by Bernie's team.  I'm overwhelmingly happy about that," said Debra Wright, Futrell's sister.

Wright said she wants everyone to know her sister (pictured below) loved people, enjoyed life and didn't let her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis get her down.


Futrell's daughter was in the courtroom as the verdict was read. She said she's happy with the trial and that Deviney testified on Thursday.

"I was kind of hoping he was going to tell the truth and we were going to get closure today.  He did a better job going up there showing what type of person he really is.  I'm glad he did it. I hope the rest of it comes out the best way that it should," said Jacquelyn Blades, Futrell's daughter.

Deviney testified Thursday that he killed Futrell, but said that her death was an accident. 

Deviney was convicted and sentenced to die for killing Futrell (pictured), but that conviction was overturned last year when the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Deviney's confession was coerced by police.

During closing arguments on Friday, prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda told the jury the evidence clearly connects Deviney to the crime.

"From her fingernails, you find the defendant's DNA. She provided the best evidence.  She was not able to come into this courtroom and identify the person who did this to her," de la Rionda said.

The penalty phase of the trial will be held next Thursday. The court will hear victim impact statements and the prosecution will seek the death penalty.