Young girl makes big impact with comic books


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – She's not even in middle school yet and is already making a difference in the community. The 8-year-old One Spark winner and author known as "Moxie Girl" is making a big donation in celebration of National Literacy Month.

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Tuesday, "Moxie Girl," also known as Natalie McGriff, gave away 50 of her comic books to young girls at the local Boys & Girls Club.


Natalie, and her mother Angie Nixon, wrote the comic together because of Natalie's self-esteem issues related to her hair and skin complexion.

That's when her mom said she came up with the idea of Natalie's hair becoming her superpower, and now the books are flying off shelves.

"We've had parents reaching out to us telling us how happy and excited they are that their daughters have a little girl who looks like them, who's a superhero, and that's a cartoon character that they can relate to," Nixon said. "It's something that little girls can look up to and also, since Halloween is coming up, it's something that little girls can be for Halloween."


Natalie will also be donating 800 comic books to organizations that promote literacy across the country.

Her book tour starts this week and she will head to the Nation's Capital for the Congressional Black Caucus' Annual Convention.

She also has a new book coming out on Black Friday.

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