Woman sentenced for killing of unborn baby

Virginia Wyche, 36, sentenced to 50 years in prison

Virginia Wyche appears in court.
Virginia Wyche appears in court.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman was sentenced Tuesday to 50 years in prison for shooting a pregnant woman, killing her unborn child.

Virginia Denise Wyche, 36, was convicted of second degree murder and attempted second degree murder back in July.

Prosecutors said Wyche went to Markeisha Brooks' home in Northwest Jacksonville in April 2014 to discuss a disagreement they had on social media.

Wyche pulled out a gun and shot Brooks, who was six months pregnant, once in the stomach.

The unborn child did not survive. Brooks did recover from her injuries.

Brooks spoke with News4JAX after the shooting. She said she was expecting a baby girl and was going to name her Peyton.

"When I went to go look at my child, the damage that the bullet did to her, it really put a toll on my heart," Brooks said. "It was really sad to see that as a mother."

News4JAX spoke to Wyche's family too. Her mom and sister felt for everyone involved in the shooting, but they believed Wyche acted in self-defense.

"My family is devastated. My sister is devastated," said Katrice Wyche, Virginia Wyche's sister. "It's a sad situation about the child being lost."

Wyche was sentenced the minimum mandatory sentence of 50 years in prison.