Pregnant woman killed, 2 children hurt in Waycross shooting

Police say man arrested without incident

WAYCROSS, Ga. – The St. Marys Police Department has arrested a man in relation to a case out of Waycross. Clinton Davis, 30, is charged with murder in the death of Shanique Bellamy, 24 and aggravated assault in the shooting of a 1-and 3-year-old.

Police in Waycross said officers responded at 1:55 a.m. Saturday to a 911 call for help from a home on Owens Street.

Police arrived to find Bellamy shot. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Bellamy's sister told News4Jax that a 1-year-old was shot eight times and a 3-year-old child was also shot. Police said both children were taken to the hospital in critical, but stable condition.

Bellamy was six months pregnant, police said.

"I was in the bed and I just heard a loud noise and the children crying. And I got up and went in there. That's when I found my sister dead," said the victim's sister, Crystal Bellamy.

"She was sweet," said Bellamy describing her sister. 

The department's chaplain responded to help the family.

Crustal Bellamy told News4Jax that Davis is the father of the 3-year-old who was grazed by bullets.

"All of them were in the same bed and when I went in there, Cameron was outside the bed. Cameron had gotten out of the bed," Crystal Bellamy said. "I'm just glad that I didn't go in there right when I heard the shots, because he probably would have shot me too. Because he didn't like me."

"I'm OK. I just got to be strong for my nephews now. And my mom. And I'm fixing to have a baby," Crystal Bellamy said.

Shanique Bellamy's brother, Joseph Bellamy, who said Saturday night was supposed to be a night of celebration. Everyone was coming over for his birthday party, but he said all he could think about is his little sister and how much she is already missed.

Instead of getting ready for a birthday party for Joseph Bellamy, he and his wife, Connie, held pictures of his sister, who was killed just hours before.

"This was the soft spoken one. I'm the loud one," Joseph Bellamy said. "She was always the passive one, the one who helped out and things like that. Like I say, her presence will be missed."

Joseph Bellamy didn't want to talk much about the man accused of killing his sister, but he said he is determined to move forward.

"Me being a Christian person that I am, I can't really -- I have to forgive him," Joseph Bellamy said. "You never know what state of mind a person is in when they do these things. Like I said, he was in the military."

Joseph Bellamy's focus now is laying his sister to rest. He said he will officiate at her funeral.

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