Deal would allow John Keane to keep 97% of his pension

Director of Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Fund retired last year

John Keane
John Keane

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A settlement between the city of Jacksonville and the former head of the Jacksonville Police and Fire Pension Fund would allow John Keane keep his controversial pension, although it would have to repay a small part of it.

After Keane retired late last year as the executive director of the fund, the city filed a lawsuit asking a judge to terminate the Senior Staff Voluntary Retirement Plan, claiming the plan was set up "outside the scope" of the pension fund's powers. The suit also asked Keane to repay any money he had collected from it.

DOCUMENT: Proposed ordinance to settle John Keane pension dispute

In his first year of retirement, the plan would pay Keane $225,000. Keane is also receiving a second pension based on his years as a Jacksonville firefighter before he began his position of director of the pension fund.

The proposed deal would allow Keane to keep his pension, but would be required to replay $6,262.26 plus the difference between the special retirement plan and the general city employees pension fund. That money would be deducted to Keane's pension payments, amounting to a 2.4 percent reduction.

Council members, who authorized the lawsuit claiming Keane's pension was illegal, would have to pass an ordinance approving the settlement. The bill will be introduced at next Tuesday's meeting.

Keane told News4Jax on Friday that until the agreement is finalized, he cannot comment.

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