Freaky fast? Jimmy John's delivery man hops train

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jimmy John's delivery person was caught on camera hopping on a moving train to get to the other side.

The video was sent to News4Jax by a concerned viewer and was recorded in San Marco.

The sandwich chain promises "freaky fast" delivery, but a local Jimmy John's owner said Monday evening that this is going too far.

A video shows a Jimmy John's delivery person in San Marco approaching a moving train. The man picks up his his bike and casually hops on the train, rides it for several feet, then jumps off on the other side with bike in hand.

The Channel 4 viewer who recorded the video asked, "Is delivering a sandwich really worth it?"

Elizabeth Scott owns several Jimmy John's locations in Jacksonville. She said they encourage workers to make deliveries as quickly as possible. But she wants them to do it safely and legally -- never doing anything to jeopardize their lives or anyone else's.

“All of our delivery employees are expected to obey all traffic laws and make all deliveries in a safe, timely manner for themselves, as well as for other people on the road,” Scott said.

Scott told News4Jax a commitment to fast service is good, but this is going too far.

“We do not condone that type of delivery method. We expect all of our drivers and delivery employees to follow all traffic laws and in this case, railroad crossing laws,” said Scott.

That owner also said she's not sure who the person in the video is, but she'll be looking at it and investigating.

Scott said she will address the issue of hopping trains with her employees.

News4Jax took the video to the assistant manager of the San Marco restaurant. He didn't want to go on camera, but echoed Scott's thoughts.