Family of Jacksonville police officer: 'We worry a lot'

'Back the Blue' event to be held July 31

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The family of a Jacksonville police officer has many concerns after the killing of five officers during a demonstration in Dallas and the fatal shooting of three officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A woman named Emily's close loved one, who she did not wish to be named, has served as an officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for 20 years. She told News4Jax Monday that now, more than ever, she fears her loved one may not return home and she worries that her loved one now wears a target.

"We worry a lot, check in online to make sure that said person is OK," Emily said, "It's very stressful. Many nights, I have breakdowns worrying about what's going to happen, especially in the area that person works in. It's a pretty bad area, so I know the risk is even higher."

For that reason, Emily decided to show officers that she cares. At the end of the month, she will be hosting an event called "Back the Blue" to support all officers.

She said she understands no group wants to be generalized, so she hopes the event will help put a stop to the negative portrayal of law enforcement officers and show the loving and kind spirit she sees in her loved one every day.

"I want people to understand that they need to put themselves in the family's shoes and the police officer's shoes and realize that they are people. They make mistakes but they are there to help people. And for everyone to be turning their backs against them, once again, is very heartbreaking," Emily said.

"Back the Blue" will begin at noon on July 31 at Memorial Park in Riverside.