Vets rescue dog subjected to animal cruelty

Pit bill mix believed to have been in dogfighting ring ready for new life

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – A young pit bull mix believed to have been subjected to dogfighting is making a remarkable recovery at an Orange Park animal clinic after he was found with severe injuries.

The rescuers are now looking for a permanent home for the dog, named Jackson.

"When Jackson came in, he was in really bad shape,” sadi Dr. Christian Broadhurst, senior veterinarian at Clay Humane.

Clay County Animal Care and Control found Jackson wandering around Keystone Heights earlier this week. His right eye was hanging from its socket and his left eye was damaged, leaving him blind.

He was rushed to the Clay County Humane Society animal clinic. Broadhurst said he knew with one look that Jackson had had a rough life.

"He was in very poor condition, very skinny, covered in scars of differing ages, which is one of the main indicators we use to determine if a dog's been involved in dogfighting," Broadhurst said.

Jackson needed immediate surgery to remove his right eye. He also tested positive for heartworms and parasites.

"It's horrible on a personal level to see what he's gone through, but I take comfort in the fact that he's now with us," Broadhurst said.

Jackson is now getting the treatment he needs and is making a lot of friends.

"He's resilient. It is amazing how happy, how wonderful, how adapted he is with us, considering what he's been through,” Broadhurst said.

As far as his case goes, there's not much police can do. He was found on the street and it would be difficult to track down his previous owner, but the veterinarians said they are glad he's now getting the care he needs and that he'll soon have a new start at life.

"He's been hurt for a long time and now his hurting days are over,” Broadhurst said.

With all of the medical care and surgeries, Jackson has racked up about $2,000 in vet bills at the Humane Society.

To donate to the care of Jackson and other animals at Clay Humane, go to

Broadhurst said Jackson will be available for adoption in about a month.