Gun shoppers take advantage of Black Friday deals

Line wraps around Shooters gun store; Greenacres also sees big sales

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Many took part in the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday, taking advantage of deals on electronics, clothes and even guns. 

Whether first-time or repeat buyers, many shoppers in Jacksonville scored deals on guns Friday with prices up to 75 percent off. 

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A line of Black Friday shoppers wrapped around the Shooters gun store on University Boulevard as customers waited to cash in on deals on guns, ammo, cases and hearing protection.

On Jacksonville's Westside, Greenacres Sporting Goods on Normandy Boulevard was packed with customers who saved big on firearm deals. 

"My first gun was a .38 and my second gun was a 9 mm," said shopper Donald Bullock. "I saved probably about $100." 

According to the Washington Post, last year's Black Friday was the biggest day ever of gun sales. Greenacres manager Phillip Gazalah said he saw the same trend in sales last year and big numbers this weekend, too. 

“Definitely an uptick -- I’d say probably 50-75 percent more in that weekend period where people are coming to purchase the gun because the deal is great," Gazalah said. 

Marisa Banks took advantage of Greenacre's Black Friday discounts to save on Christmas presents. 

"We wanted to get her (Bank's daughter) her first rifle for Christmas. So, it's an early Christmas gift," Banks said. "Without the scope, I think it was, like, $329."

This year, Banks decided to skip the big electronics sales so synonymous with this weekend. Instead, she bought her 12-year-old daughter her first rifle.

“Well, I think this is more important than any TV that you can buy. I mean, this gets her outdoors and away from the internet and TV, just in general. Kids do that too much these days," Banks said.

News4Jax learned that as long as customers pay for the gun and pass the background check, it is OK to give the firearm as a gift, as Banks did.

With last year showing the largest number of gun sales on record, 185,000 background checks were processed, the Washington Post reported.