Food truck business office catches fire

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local food truck company is dealing with a hit after a fire broke out inside its office building Friday morning in the Lackawanna neighborhood.

According to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department, the building fire was reported on McDuff Avenue near Beaver Street around 4:08 a.m.

The blaze ignited inside the office of the Mr. Potato Spread food truck company. No one was inside the office when it caught fire, and no injuries were reported.

The owner of the business said she was shocked when she heard about what happened.

“We got the call about 4 this morning from someone on site, letting us know there was a fire at the office here,” Lakita Spann said.

Spann said she used the office to receive orders and coordinate events for the food truck. The question now is exactly how much she lost in the fire.

“A lot of computer equipment. We store our food here, so we lost a lot of potatoes and the office equipment and kitchen equipment as well,” Spann said.

Spann said despite the damage, she's not out of business.

“There’s a commercial kitchen right next door that we use when need to for the most part,” Spann said. “We do have additional equipment there as a backup.”

The State Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire. Firefighters do not believe the fire is suspicious.

One of the owners of the building said fire investigators told her that it appears the fire was the result of an electrical problem. 

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