Trial to begin for high-profile defendant accused of killing model wife

Adam Frasch faces allegations involving sex, guns, strippers, illegitimate kids

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Sex, guns, strippers and illegitimate children are all part of the allegations against a high-profile defendant who is on trial in the state capital this week for the alleged murder of this wife, who was a French model grooming her own children to be celebrities in their own right.

Samira Frasch was obsessed with dressing her daughters beyond their years. The former model met her husband, Adam Frasch, during Fashion Week in Paris. Three years later, in 2009, they married.

Fast-forward five years. She had filed for divorce by the time her body was found floating in their upscale home's pool. Her husband faces first-degree murder charges, but not the death penalty.

"I reviewed the case for the potential of the death penalty and thought the aggregators were not present, so I did not seek it," prosecutor Georgia Cappleman said. 

"Dateline" and other major network news programs are following every nuance of the soon-to-be made-for-TV show.

Defense attorneys say the case is circumstantial, but wouldn’t elaborate during a break.

Adam Frasch claims the couple were reconciling, and that he spent the night before she died with his wife.

Samira Frasch's body was found several hours after Adam Frasch took the children to a home in Panama City.

He was loading them into his car when police arrived and arrested him.

Only a dozen of the first 50 jurors called said they knew about the case, even though it has been front-page news and led newscasts in the state capital. The trial is expected to last all week, with most of the witnesses coming from the ranks of law enforcement.

Defense attorneys told jurors Monday that the state cannot prove Adam Frasch was in the same town when the killing was committed.