How government says $833K in 'One Door' money was spent

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Based on FBI testimony in the Corrine Brown federal corruption trial, below is a breakdown of how much money unregistered Virginia charity One Door for Education made and how that money was spent.

Brown is accused of using the charity's $800,000 in donations as a personal “slush fund.”

According to testimony this week, donations for One Door totaled $833,000.

Here's how the FBI says the money was spent:

  • $330,000 on events/parties/receptions, including many held in Brown’s honor (9 total events)
    includes $750 for a birthday cake for Brown's daughter, Shantrel Brown, at a Congressional Black Caucus event;
    $23,070 for 2012 CBC event and Corrine Brown reception
    $51,470 for 2013 CBC event and Corrine Brown reception;
    $33,064 for 2014 CBC event and Corrine Brown reception;
    $48,355 for 2015 CBC event and Corrine Brown reception;
    $89,852 spend for Brown's bus trip from Jacksonville in 2013 for President Barack Obama's second inauguration;
    $55,594 for Corrine Brown golf tournament at Sawgrass;
    $13,582 for a Beyonce concert;
    $15,000 for a Jaguars vs. Redskins box to “benefit One Door”
  • $141,130 -- what the government says One Door president Carla Wiley stole for herself
  • $70,000 in deposits to Corrine Brown’s account from her Chief of Staff Ronnie Simmons, Democratic consultant Von Alexander and others, mainly of One Door money
  • $55,715 on a China trip for 19 students and three chaperones. The government claims a total of $80,000 was donated to One Door for the trip and that $2,300 in cash was put from this excess into Corrine Brown’s account
  • $10,408 in charitable contributions and scholarships in a 2.5-year period
    includes $1,500 to A.I.I. foundation;
    $1,000 to Loudon County YMCA;
    $500 to The Basketball Academy;
    $1,000 check for Richard Calhoun from Carla Wiley for “One Door,” presumed to be a scholarship;
    $200 check to Richard Danford from One Door for “scholarship” on Memo Line
  • $7,700 in travel expenses for Corrine Brown, Shantrel Brown, Simmons and Wiley, but mostly for Corrine Brown. That includes a round-trip for Shantrel Brown to the Virgin Islands
  • $5,000 for commemorative ONYX magazine cover for Corrine Brown
  • $3,316 in luxury car repairs for Shantrel Brown (twice) and Ronnie Simmons’ mom
  • $2,700 in car service
  • $865 in in-kind contributions to the election of DC City council candidate Michael Brown