President Trump's first 100 days include wins, losses

Rick Mullaney says legislative agenda is key going forward

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Saturday marks 100 days since President Donald Trump took office.

Friday, he was scheduled to spend part of the day at a National Rifle Association convention in Atlanta. He is also expected to sign an executive order aimed at opening offshore drilling in places like the western Gulf of Mexico.

News4Jax political analyst Rick Mullaney said that the president’s first 100 days has included some political wins and some losses.

He has had a number of successes. His signature accomplishment was the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court,” Mullaney said. “But his signature moment has been the missile strike on Syria.  It has the potential to reset U.S. foreign policy, particularly with the message that it sends to North Korea, Russia and Iran.”
Mr. Trump has also faced some setbacks.

"Travel bans failed twice and were held up in the courts. Health care did not go through. Congressional and FBI investigations on Russia and there are the temperament and style issue that has generally gotten low marks across the board,” Mullaney said.

Comparing one President’s first 100 days to another can be a difficult comparison.

“It has been a significant 100 days,” Mullaney said “But it’s hard to compare previous presidents because of the circumstances in which they come to office.”

Judging a president by the first 100 days is also an incomplete way to gage success in office, and Trump still has at least 1,360 days in office.

“To truly be successful, it’s going to have to be that legislative agenda on health care, on taxes, on his appropriations on military, on infrastructure and on the wall,” Mullaney said. “That’s going to be the sobering challenge that lies ahead.”