Reservoir, ridesharing bills go to Scott


A South Florida reservoir project that is a priority of Senate President Joe Negron and a proposal to create statewide rules for app-based ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft are among 11 bills sent late Thursday to Gov. Rick Scott.

The governor is expected to sign the water bill (SB 10) and the “transportation network companies” proposal (HB 221).

Among the other bills before the governor is a proposal (HB 305) that would allow law-enforcement officers to review footage from their body cameras before filling out reports.

Lawmakers in 2016 approved a measure that would require agencies that decide to use body camera to establish policies and procedures addressing the proper use, maintenance and storage of body cameras and recorded data.

Another bill (HB 6533) before Scott would require the Pasco County Sheriff's Office to pay $2.6 million over the next eight years to Jennifer Wohlgemuth.

Wohlgemuth suffered a traumatic brain injury in March 2007 when struck by a deputy who sped through a red light without sirens or lights activated.

As of Friday morning, Scott had received 20 of the 172 bills approved by the Legislature and had signed nine.