Survivors weren't warned before release of Pulse bodycam, official says

Videos show graphic footage, moments of heroism

ORLANDO, Fla. – There is some backlash over the bodycam video from Pulse that was released to the media on Wednesday and Thursday, WKMG reports.

The video shows the first officers responding to the nightclub on June 12 when 49 people were killed and dozens others injured. It shows graphic images of officers with rifles drawn, inside the club trying to locate the shooter.

 "Usually I get a warning beforehand like when the 911 tapes were being released," Terry Decarlo told News 6.  "It gave me a couple minutes to get on social media and for The Center to get word out."

Decarlo is the executive director for The Center Orlando, the gay and lesbian community center.  After the shootings, many survivors went to The Center for counseling.

He says he learned about the video being released after getting text messages from survivors.

He has no problem with it being released, but says survivors should have been notified first.

 "I actually apologized to one of the survivors last night," Decarlo said.  "I wish I had that warning, we got it out just a tad too late and it was already out there."

Decarlo worries the graphic images, and sounds of shots being fired could cause many survivors to relapse.

News 6 has chosen not to show much of the video because of its graphic nature.

But there are also moments of heroism and officers comforting victims.

"Do you have my phone," one survivor asked as she was being escorted from the club.  "I have your phone right here," an officer answered.

Decarlo says survivors are already preparing themselves for the one year mark, which is fast approaching.

"They're already gearing up and making themselves strong," he said. "And all of a sudden this happens."

If anyone is having a difficult time, there is free counseling available at The Center.

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