No charges to be filed in shooting death of Keegan Roberts

State Attorney's Office cites justifiable use of deadly force

Keegan Roberts

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – No charges will be filed in the shooting death of 22-year-old Keegan Roberts, according to the State Attorney's Office final disposition on the case. 

Roberts was shot and killed by a neighbor July 20 in the yard of his Southside home on Peach Street, just south of Beach Boulevard. 

The shooter will not be charged, stated the disposition released Wednesday evening.

The court document shows that dispute started over a note left on Roberts' vehicle about trash. 

According to the disposition, the shooter approached Roberts after leaving the note, Roberts exited the SUV and that's when the shooter says Roberts pointed a gun at him. The neighbor then pulled out his gun and shot three times, killing Roberts. 

Three people called 911, including the shooter, who said, "He pulled a gun on me and I had to shoot ... "He pulled a gun on me. I had a gun in my face. I had no choice."

The disposition also included images of the scene. One photo shows Roberts' body blocked out, his vehicle at the end of the driveway and the shooter's gun, which was thrown 8 feet away.

Police said later, when they went into the SUV, they found more than a pound of marijuana. 

A second photo shows Roberts' home and then the shooter's home, which is across the street. 

The State Attorney's Office concluded the shooter met the criteria for it to be considered a justifiable use of deadly force. 

Before the disposition was released, John Phillips, the attorney for the Roberts family, told News4Jax that State Attorney Melissa Nelson notified the family that no charges would be filed.