Call for change after student records video of crowded school bus

School district says stop has been taken off bus route to provide extra room

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – A Clay County student said he was forced to stand in the aisle or sit on the floor of a school bus because there were no other seats available.

The Orange Park High School junior captured video from inside the bus Wednesday.

Dylan Lorenzo, 16, and his father, Raymond Lorenzo, are calling for changes -- and already got one.

"I don't really say anything, to be honest with you. The only reason it's getting out now is because of what happened," Dylan told News4Jax on Thursday.

Both Dylan and his father are upset. Raymond said the overcrowding came to light for him and for Orange Park High School after his son recorded the video Wednesday. 

"As far as I'm concerned, if something happened, he's be the first one to go through the bus windshield," the father said. 

Dylan said he got into a confrontation with his driver on Bus No. 675.

"Usually when I get on the bus, sometimes if I'm lucky, I have a seat," Dylan said. "But most times, I don't, and there's at least three to four kids in the back standing on the ride home. And it's unsafe."

Even though it's been crowded since the school year started Aug. 15, Dylan said, his driver turned the bus around and drove back to the school Wednesday afternoon when he wouldn't sit in a seat.

Dylan said the video proves there wasn’t an available seat to sit in.

Raymond called the school’s assistant principal and the school district transportation department to complain.

"I should not have had to made such an ordeal of it and be upset over it. This is common sense," Raymond said. 

Clay County School District spokesperson Nicole Snyder sent News4Jax the following response: 

There have not been any issues of bus overcrowding until this recent incident, which has already been addressed. A stop has been taken off this route to provide additional room, and staff members will continue to diligently check that students are taking their proper routes. Our goal is to always provide a safe, effective, and efficient bus service to all students." 

Though it seems the problem is solved, Dylan is still concerned.

"I don't know what it's like on the other buses because if it's on this bus, I'm pretty sure it's on the other buses too," he said. 

Raymond said he believes there’s confusion on deciding the seating capacity on buses. He was told the district allows for three students per seat, or 66 on a bus.

The father said that’s not realistic once children are young-adult size, as high schoolers are. 

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