Teenage victim's family reacts to manslaughter arrest of fellow teen

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Family members of 14-year-old Henry Atkins, who was shot and killed on the Westside last month, pushed back when police first were told his death resulted from an accidental shooting.

Police initially told media that Henry was shot Sept. 12 behind a closed day care center. Atkins was dropped off at a fire station near Melvin and Ricker roads with a gunshot wound. He died of his injuries.

  Three minors were brought in for questioning after a witness told detectives Henry was shot accidentally by an acquaintance.

"We knew it wasn't an accident," Henry's uncle, Barry Young, said Sunday.

On Friday, police arrested Christian Ashley, 14, at Jefferson Davis Middle School and charged him with manslaughter and tampering with evidence charges. Young said his family will continue fighting this case until the shooter is prosecuted.  

Days after his death, many of Henry's family members and friends called for justice when the teen's shooter was not arrested, even though police thought they knew who pulled the trigger.

"Ninety percent of the time, (when) a black youth loses their life, it's at the hands of another black youth," Young said. "Our community sits silent, and oftentimes the ones who are the victims in the case just sit back and say nothing. That should not be." 

Police said this was the only arrest so far associated with Henry's death.