Deputies: Lake City carjacker turns out to be 13 years old

Columbia County teen faces charges of armed burglary, carjacking, abduction

LAKE CITY, Fla. – A 13-year-old boy is facing several felony charges after deputies said used a gun to carjack a 67-year-old woman from her Lake City driveway in broad daylight Tuesday and led officers on a chase, the Columbia County Sheriff's Office said.

Detectives said the 67-year-old victim was in her garage on Northwest Dudley Loop just before 4 p.m. when the teen walked up and asked for a ride, then pulled a gun and demanded the keys.

The woman managed to call 911 to say she'd been carjacked and she was still in the car.

On the eight-minute 911 call, she can be heard screaming for "the kid" to stop and him saying, "All right, I'm going to crash. You better tell her to get off the phone."

Dispatcher to teen: "I need you talk to me. Why are you trying to take her car?"
Teen: "Yeah. Tell her to get out of the car and nothing will happen."
Dispatcher: "Are you in her car?"
Teen: "Yes."
Dispatcher: "You get out of her car."
Teen: "I'm going to crash ... You better tell her to get out of the car or I will shoot."

Then, the dispatcher asked: "What kind of gun do you have?" He answers, "It's a big one and I swear to God I will use it."

Later in the call, the victim told the teen, "Don't get yourself in more trouble than you're in. All right? Please do as I ask you to do."

LISTEN: 911 car from inside carjacked vehicle
WATCH: Dashcam video of chase, takedown

The victim was able to describe to the dispatcher her 2016 Nissan sedan, tell them where it was headed and give street names they passed until deputies spotted the car on Main Street, just north of Duval Street. Deputies said after following the car blowing through red lights and driving erratically, a sergeant used a precision immobilization technique (PIT) to stop the car.

Surrounding the car with guns drawn, deputies pulled the 13-year-old driver, who News4Jax is not naming due to his age, from the car. The woman was checked by paramedics. She was out of breath, but OK.

When debriefed, the victim told police the carjacker walked up to her garage on Northwest Dudley Loop and asked for a ride. She told him she had just gotten home with groceries she had to unload and he walked away. He then returned, said to her, "I'm sorry. I don't want to do this," then pulled a handgun from his waistband and said, "Give me your keys."

She gave him the keys, but the teen could not start the car, so the woman opened the passenger door to get the keys back, but the teen was able to start the car and drive away with her yelling at him to stop, she told officers.

As he drove erratically, the woman called 911 on speakerphone -- at times yelling and hitting the boy. She stayed on the line until police stopped the car.

"I’m yelling at him pretty much the whole time, telling him to pull over," she told News4Jax on Wednesday.

She's now at home recovering.

"I feel like I should not have done what I did," the victim said. "(But) I'm glad I did. Would I do it all over again? I don't think I would, even though it turned out good this time."

Police said the handgun the boy had used turned out to be a pellet gun

Deputies said the teenager was charged with armed burglary, carjacking, abduction, attempting to elude law enforcement and driving without a license. 

"I feel bad for him, but he needs to get what he deserves for this. Because he could’ve killed me and him and somebody else," the woman said.

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