10-year-old Atlantic Beach girl hospitalized after pit bull attack

Girl's mother says daughter bitten on face

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. – A 10-year-old Atlantic Beach girl was recovering at Wolfson Children’s Hospital Saturday after her family said she was bitten on the face by a pit bull Wednesday. 

Atlantic Beach police are investigating the attack that happened near 6th and Main streets.

According to the girl’s family, the dog got through a hole in a fence and ran through a neighboring yard before attacking the girl, who was out playing on her scooter. 

The family said a facial surgeon at Wolfson Children’s Hospital spent an hour operating on her face. 

News4Jax spoke with Atlantic Beach police who confirmed the attack and added that the girl required 18 stitches under her eye and mouth where the dog had bitten her.

“Beware my daughter was attacked by (a) pit bull on Wednesday around 5 (p.m.). It jumped a fence ran through another yard and got her face. Wolfsons Children's facial surgeon spent an hour putting her face back together. This has been very tragic,” the girl’s mother wrote in a Facebook post. “I would post pics but they are very graphic and I have a 10-year-old scared to play outside or walk to the school bus.”

News4Jax spoke with a Bethelyn and William Jarvis who said they haven’t seen a pit bull in their neighborhood before. 

“I walk around a lot but don’t think I’ve ever seen a pit bull,” William Jarvis said. 

“I think they’re a vicious dog,” Bethelyn Jarvis said. “I don’t like them.”

City officials told News4Jax that the dog has been located and quarantined, and the dog’s owner will likely be cited.

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