Fernandina Beach police cracking down on speeding near historic district

Officers conducting traffic enforcement on South 3rd Street

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – In Fernandina Beach, police are cracking down on speeding in a residential area near the historic district. 

The quaint place to walk and shop seems protected, but nearby, people are worried about cars going too fast.

On Monday, the Fernandina Beach Police Department said officers started conducting traffic enforcement on South Third Street, from Ash Street south to Gum Street.

The neighborhood is full of frightened, if not frustrated, parents and grandparents. 

News4Jax took a radar gun to the area Tuesday, and spoke with people walking down Third Street. It seemed the new police efforts were already having an impact. 

"My sister has called and called and called and called. And my daughter has called, and my neighbor has called. They've all called," said Phyllis Lents, who lives in Fernandina Beach. "I appreciate somebody finally doing something."

The targeted enforcement area includes a speed tracker. It matched the speeds News4Jax tracked while watching after-work traffic.

Both of the “reminders” about the speed limit seemed to work, as drivers slowed down when they approached the speed tracker.

FB police advisorySome of the people who live in the neighborhood have had personal tragedies with their pets because of drivers zipping by. They pray efforts by police will keep human disasters from happening.

"I think it's great. We live right on Third Street, across (from the) museum. And we have three children and two pets," said Angela Fullerton, a Fernandina Beach resident. "People go really fast down the street -- a lot faster than they should."

Jane Shroads, who lives in Fernandina Beach, agreed, saying she's glad police are cracking down on speeding.

"I think it's great because you see some families with the kids," Shroads said. "This has become more populated. There's children down in the house down there, and things like that. One of these days, you know, a bad thing might happen."

In an advisory posted to Facebook on Monday, Fernandina Beach police wrote that drivers repeatedly violating the posted speed limits in the residential area are putting the public in danger.

Police reminded visitors and residents that the posted speed limit in all residential neighborhoods is 25 mph. 

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