Arlington apartment problems haven't been fixed, tenant says

Eagle Pointe says it's working to fix units that have requested maintenance

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Problems at an Arlington apartment, including flooding and mold growing in the bathroom, have gone on for weeks and have not yet been fixed, a tenant said. 

Shawanda Jones told News4Jax on Friday that management at the Eagle Pointe Apartments on University Boulevard at Merrill Road has all but ignored her complaints. 

On Friday, Jones said, her apartment was flooded by an overflowing toilet.

"All the water still is here," Jones said. "My floor, it's torn up."

She said she first made management aware of the problem before Christmas.

"I've done been complaining to my management about my floor needing to be fixed, my toilet needing to be fixed," Jones said. "There was nothing until today when my toilet just overflowed and came through my home, into my living room and everywhere."

Jones’ furniture and electronics were damaged and, in some cases, ruined, and her two young children were forced to play on soaked carpet.

She said her maintenance requests have fallen on deaf ears.

"They’re going to send someone out to come fix it, or they’re going to send someone to come fix my floor, and it still hasn't been done," Jones said.

A neighbor said there are so many unfixed problems in her unit that she doesn't even report them anymore. But others have reported issues. 

News4Jax found 10 code enforcement complaints and citations against Eagle Pointe within a six-month period. Leaky roofs, mold and insect infestations were all listed by the city as violations.

"It’s not right for any of the tenants to be living the way they’re living in this place, at all. I wouldn't even want to live here. I’m ready to move because I have little kids and I don’t need them living in stuff like this," Jones said. "That’s just not right to me at all."

Jones said she just wants her maintenance issues, and those of her neighbors, addressed in a timely manner.

As of late Friday night, she was still waiting for the repairs. 

Johanne Brouard, chief operating officer of Eagle Pointe Properties, told News4Jax by phone that they are working as fast as they can to fix apartments that have requested maintenance.

Brouard said they have brought in four outside roofing companies to help after Hurricane Irma and have hired extra maintenance workers, bring the total number of maintenance workers to 10.

She said repairing any plumbing problems is a high priority, and emphasized that tenants must report any problems quickly to the management office.