Clay County charter schools not being alerted to threats of violence

Threat to multiple school districts shared with other schools


CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – News4Jax has learned that parents were not alerted by the Clay County School District last week with a robocall about a threat of violence to numerous school district around the state, including Clay County.

That threat was in the form of an email and concerned multiple school district in Florida. Parents of charter school students said they never received the call from Superintendent Addison Davis.

Officials with the Clay County Sheriff's Office said that they believe the threat came from overseas, but they do not believe it is credible.

Officials with the school district confirmed this was a mistake and the charter schools are not on what the school calls it’s automated “Black Board” system.

District officials said this was unintentional and they are working with their I.T. department to fix the problem so charter schools are included in safety alerts.

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