Scammers hit Clay County with bogus noise complaints


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Clay County Sheriff's Office is warning people about a new scam going around that threatens people with hundreds of dollars in fines over supposed noise violations.

"It is written on Sheriff's Office letterhead and advises residents who are not complying with neighborhood covenant and restrictions, they could be fined $300," the Sheriff's Office stated.

According to a copy of one fraudulent notice provided by the Sheriff's Office, a resident was accused of mowing their lawn between 7-11 a.m. and disturbing their neighbors' sleep.

"If you do not begin mowing your lawn at later times, you can be removed from home and/or county," the phony notice warned.

Below is a copy of one of the phony notices:

In one Orange Park neighborhood, people living on Glendale Lane received the fake letter.

Lashann Walton told News4Jax that she received a different letter, but it claimed to be from the homeowners association. 

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