NRA lobbyist says she receives death threats


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Longtime NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer said she is receiving death threats almost daily.

The threats are nothing new for the gun advocate but she said this time her family is also being threatened.

“It’s uglier. It’s nasty,” Hammer said.

After receiving the threats, Hammer was told not to go to the Leon County Commission meeting in Tallahassee.

The NRA lobbyist allowed reporters to see a stack of email threats. Hammer wouldn't say if they could be part of a future investigation.

Hammer said the threats have altered her daily routine, not because she is afraid but because she doesn't want her family to be in fear.

Hammer was nearly in tears after reporters turned the camera off when talking about the threats.

The Department of Law Enforcement said it has not opened an investigation into the threats.  

The group Moms Demand Action said in an email "I think it's awful and sad that anyone should be made to feel unsafe in their own community. Everyone deserves the right to speak freely without fear and I would certainly hope law enforcement will follow up with any credible threats."