Evidence released in case against officer accused of beating handcuffed teen

State Attorney's Office releases videos of police interviews, images

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville police officer, whose past actions have come under question several times before, is charged with beating a teenage boy handcuffed in the back of his patrol car in April 2017.

On Tuesday, the State Attorney's Office released video it plans on using as evidence in the case against Officer Tim James.

The videos and images released paint a vivid picture of an officer the state says is guilty of overstepping his authority when dealing with a suspect.

In a police interview, Elias Campos can be seen weeping. The 17-year-old boy's face looks scared. 

Detective: "What's your name?"
Elias Campos: "Elias."
Detective: "Elias?"
Campos: "Yes sir."
Detective: "How old are you, buddy?"
Campos: "Sir, I just turned 17."

Images released show a bloody chin and lip, and a cut near the teen's eye. Another photo shows blood in the back seat of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office patrol car.

Campos told investigators that his injuries were inflicted by James, who himself was later arrested, while that teen was handcuffed in the back of James' patrol car.

Campos: "He just severely fist-fighting me right there. And I'm like this, 'Ah, get off.' He's severely beating me up. And I tried kicking ... 'Ah you wanna kick? You wanna kick?' I'm telling you, if you have cameras, I don't have to lie."
Detective: "Do you get out of the car at some point?"
Campos: "I couldn't."
Detective: "At all? Do you ever got out of the car?"
Campos: "I -- how?"
Detective: "Did he take you out of the car? Anything?"
Campos: "Yeah, to stomp on my face."

James said Campos spit on him before the confrontation.

Surveillance video released of the incident shows James get out of his car and walk to the back passenger side. A scuffle can be seen happening inside before the officer picks the handcuffed teen up and slams him to the ground.

During his police interview, Campos said, he's afraid of what will happen next.

Campos: "Well, I'm in fear of my life ... Fear of my life. What happens if that man gets arrested after this case?"
Detective: "Listen to me."
Campos: "He ... He ... Swear to God, he was going to kill me."

Also released Tuesday was another interview with a JSO sergeant who was at the scene that night. During the interview, the sergeant describes how James hit the teen numerous times while the teen's brother was also in the back seat of the car, yelling for the officer to stop. 

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