Police: Gainesville man arrested after huffing and driving

Booking photo of David Yates
Booking photo of David Yates

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A Gainesville man was arrested Sunday after hitting other vehicles while huffing a can of compressed air, authorities said. 

David Yates is charged with leaving the scene of a crash involving property damage, driving without a license, inhaling harmful chemicals and attempting to flee police, according to Alachua County jail records.

Law enforcement found the 33-year-old slumped over the wheel of a running vehicle with a 10-ounce can of compressed air duster, according to the Gainesville Police Department. It was still in drive.

The officer banged on the window of the vehicle. Yates lifted his head and inhaled from the canister before passing out again, according to GPD.

The officer then banged on the passenger side window. He lifted his head again, looked at the officer, inhaled from the canister and placed his hands on the wheel.

The officer then broke the right front passenger to attempt to stop Yates. 

However, police said, he continued to drive northbound. He eventually drove off the road, struck a vehicle, drove over a yard and continued to drive on the road before striking a mailbox and another vehicle, according to GPD.

He was no longer able to drive and was arrested.