JEA board nominee began career as roadie for Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones

Two additional members nominated by mayor to serve on utility's board

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Amid talks of a possible JEA sale and after the resignation of its CEO, two additional people have been nominated by Jacksonville's mayor to serve on the utility's board.

There has been criticism from the City Council that Mayor Lenny Curry is stacking the JEA board in his favor and will eventually push to sell the utility. The two additional nominations mean Curry has had input into six of the seven board members.

However, the mayor has been clear, saying any talk of a sale is off the table.

It has been a turbulent year for JEA with talks of a sale since last November, the resignation of CEO Jim McElroy in April and most recently the appointment of interim CEO Arron Zahn, who had been appointed to the board by Curry.

The JEA board has not been at full power for nearly six months. With only five members, it was barely enough for a quorum or a full vote to pass JEA rates and regulations. Curry's two nominations would change that.

One of the nominations is John Campion, chairman of APR Energy in Jacksonville.

"I build power plants all over the world. I've lived in Jacksonville since 2001. I am a big supporter of Jacksonville," Campion said. "Maybe my experience could be useful to the rest of the board members."

Campion started his career as a roadie working for Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones. He turned that experience into a company that provided generators for concerts.

Now Campion's company helps restore power to millions affected by natural disasters.

DOCUMENTS: John Campion resume | Camille Lee-Johnson resume

The other nominee is Camille Lee-Johnson, who is the executive vice president and managing director for the Lee Wesley company in Orlando, which owns numerous fast food franchises. Johnson's resume said she has a background for "developing customer experience." She had a prior job in marketing for the PGA Tour.

News4Jax dug deeper into the backgrounds of both candidates. Campion's company donated $50,000 to one of Curry's political action committees in April. News4Jax did not find any donations from Lee-Johnson or her company.

Nominations for the JEA board in the past have gone unnoticed, but given the utility's turbulence, the City Council is watching closely.

"Scrutiny has already started as council members are planning meetings with each nominee," City Councilman Jim Love said.

Both nominees will be formally introduced Tuesday. News4Jax has reached out to JEA officials for comment and is waiting for a response.

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