Woman claims she was conned by convicted tree trimming scammer

Arthur Ayers convicted of multiple counts of fraud, sentenced to jail in 2011

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman said she was scammed by a tree trimmer who was previously convicted for fraud after he took money from clients without finishing the job.

Shelly Ray told News4Jax she filed a complaint to the city over Arthur Ayers. Ray said she knew something was wrong when she Googled Ayers' name and found previous News4Jax articles on Ayers.

Large pieces of a chopped-up tree lie on the side of the road in front of Ray's home. She said it has been there since last week.

"He (Ayers) said he would take it down for $175, and he said that he would come back on Monday," Ray said.

But Ayers never returned, Ray said. So Ray tried calling Ayers.

"One of the phone numbers isn't even working, and the other number, nobody ever answers," Ray said.

News4Jax reached out to Ayers for comment by phone, but there was no answer.

Ray said it's now going to cost her $200-$250 for someone to pick up the lumber left in her yard. She said it's an expense she never would have had, if Ayers would have done an honest job.