5 new schools planned for Clay County to handle massive growth

Green Cove Springs will gain most new schools under 15-year plan

Elementary School in Flemming Island
Elementary School in Flemming Island

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – An explosion of growth in Clay County is causing a need for new schools, particularly around Green Cove Springs. The district is planning to build five new schools between now and 2032. Four of the schools are in Green Cove Springs, while the other is in Middleburg.

A newly released report from the Clay County School District outlines the type of schools needed and the locations. See below.


The Clay County School District is mapping out a game plan for the next 15 years of growth, and some changes to the above plan is possible and likely.

Parents said another junior high school is needed because most students here attending elementary schools in Fleming Island eventually go to Green Cove Springs Junior High.

The current plan calls for five new elementary and junior high schools to be built by 2030. District leaders said that is a priority due to the massive growth of new homes being built all over the county.

Many parents insist the need in Green Cove Springs should be top priority.

"It seems Lake Asbury, Fleming Island, they look like they have more schools than in Green Cove," said parent Michael Podbevsek.

He said more schools are needed soon because all they have there now is Charles E, Bennett Elementary School in Green Cove. Other parents agree.

"There needs to be another junior high in Green Cove. Because all the kids in Fleming, all the kids from South Clay County, end up in Green Cove Springs Junior, when they’re coming from other elementary schools, " said parent Rachel Hawkins.

Clay County Superintendent Addison Davis said the Outer Beltway Project which runs right through Green Cove Springs, will help bring 4,800 new students to county enrollment in the coming years.

"We see in the next 10-14 years, that the First Coast Beltway would bring us a significant amount of newcomers to Clay County.  With that said, we'll have to bring about five schools in over the next 10-14 years. We'll start with an elementary school going in the Green Cove area, then we'll have to transition to the Middleburg area," Davis said.  

This is the map of the new schools. Green Cove Springs will get two new elementary schools and a junior high. Fleming Island will get a new K-8 and Middleburg will get a new elementary school.


These plans are updated annually, so it’s possible the school plans could be changed but those are the five schools next to be built for now.

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