Moto Maniac: Motorcyclist shows off fancy footwork near JTB

Daring driver turning heads on 95

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A motorcyclist spotted going south on I-95 near JTB is going viral for his fancy, but dangerous, footwork. 

The carefree act turned heads on the highway around 3:00 p.m. The driver was spotted lounging back, driving with his feet going at least 50 mph. 

News4Jax traffic reporter Crystal Moyer discouraged anyone watching at home from trying something like this, saying it's extremely dangerous. 

"I am shocked with all of the deadly crashes that I report on... I can't believe that someone would do something so risky on a busy highway," Moyer said. "I hope by showing this video people realize how dangerous this is and reconsider some of the decisions they make." 

At some point, the motorcyclist took an exit, leaving the whereabouts of the man and car unknown. But the video has people scratching their heads. 

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