Family saved from fire by 4-year-old girl searching for home

GoFundMe page has been set up to help family who lost everything

JACKSONVILLE – Mesha Farland and her family have been staying in a hotel for the past week, having to start over after their Paxon home went up in flames.

Mesha, 4, was deemed a hero after alerting her mother about the fire, giving her family plenty of time to escape from the flames.

“I like being a hero," Farland said. “Because I saved everyone from a fire!”

The Red Cross assisted the family, but after Thursday, Mesha's mom, dad, grandfather, three brothers and an unborn baby are having to find a new home.

“We’re currently trying to find a house and after that we’re going to try to rebuild and make the best of things," said Farland's mother, Amri Payne.

LINK: Fundraising website for family

The family lost everything.

“Yeah, I really miss my heart pillow and my barbies," Farland said. 

Since News4Jax's story aired last week, Farland has caught the attention of major networks.

“Steve Harvey reached out and the editor for Babble reached out," Payne said. 

Payne says if it wasn’t for their pint-sized hero, their loss could have been worse.

The family plans to stay with a friend Thursday. They are living day-by-day until they can find a new house.

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