Toon Town gives Jaguars fans new place to tailgate

Former abandoned building becomes fan favorite in Tallyrand

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Many Jaguars fans have found a new spot to tailgate and shop : Toon Town.

The cartoon art-covered building in the Tallyrand area of downtown is becoming one of the hottest places in Jacksonville to take photos, hang out and shop, especially on game day.

"(It's) a home of artists at the moment, different producers, tattooers, a barber," said artists and manager Kyle Monteiro. It's become a  big draw, "because there isn’t a place to go around town," said Monteiro.

He painted the entire outside of Toon Town a year ago. "It took a month," said Monteiro.

You can see classic cartoon characters. There are also images of Jaguars players, team officials and even the team's owner adorning the walls inside of what used to be an abandoned building.

"It was a complete wreck, garbage piled from floor to ceiling," said Toon Town owner-manager Chance Gerisch. "When we finally got it all cleaned out, the walls were all disgusting. And I was down at the beach and I saw some kids doing some graffiti. So I said ‘Hey guys, why don’t you come over to the warehouse? I will buy some pizza and soda and put some colors on the walls.’"

Since then the 28,000 square foot facility continues to grow and evolve

"Our goal is to eventually have it as an event place;. concerts, weddings, whatever the person wants to do," said Gerisch.

He considers it a work in progress.

"It’s pretty cool, the people who corral around here, and the vibe it is creating," said Gerisch. "Cater to the art kids and have a place the kids can put stuff on the walls without getting into trouble."  

Many people said Toon Town is slowly becoming a Jacksonville landmark.


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