Dalmatians found in run-down Nassau County home

Rescue looking for foster homes for dogs found in deplorable conditions

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – Twenty-one Dalmatians were rescued Monday from a property in Yulee, and three more still need to be picked up, after being found in deplorable conditions, according to a pet rescue organization.

The rescued dogs were taken to the Nassau County animal shelter, where the dogs were evaluated, Paw Paws Pet Rescue said. Aside from one blind dog and another dog with a hurt paw, the rest were healthy. 

Michelle Higham, co-owner of the rescue group, said the 24 dogs were found in an old, cluttered and filthy home.

Higham said the dogs were owned by an older man who just couldn't take care of the dogs anymore and asked for help after a call was made to animal control about Dalmatians running in the road.

"The dogs need socialization skills they need a foster family that’s going to teach him it’s OK to be a normal dog and a normal living situation," Higham said.


The pet rescue organization will partner the Dalmatian Rescue of South Florida. They hope to have foster homes for the dogs by the end of the week.

Eleven of the Dalmatians are going to South Florida Saturday and the rest will stay here in Northeast Florida where they will be fostered until they're ready for adoption.

"The dogs need socialization skills. They need a foster family that’s going to teach them it’s OK to be a normal dog and a normal living situation," Higham said.

IMAGES: Dalmatians rescued from Nassau County home

The Nassau County Animal Control still has to return to the Yulee property to rescue the three remaining Dalmatians.

Paw Paws Pet Rescue, a not for profit organization, is looking for help from volunteers to help in the shelter or foster animals, and is also looking for donations. 

"We take in dogs that are in isolation wards and victims of hoarding cases where medical is an issue and behavior is an issue," Higham said. "We believe that dogs are members of families and they’re not just an animal that should be outside and not able to interact."

The Dalmatian rescue came just a day after about 500 German shepherds were rescued from a suspected puppy mill in Georgia and taken to the Nassau County Human Society. The breeder has been charged with animal cruelty. 

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