Police: Machete-wielding Florida man threatens to kill man 'with kindness'

MILTON, Fla. – A Florida man is accused of threatening to kill someone "with kindness," and then later cutting a man with a machete with the word "kindness" written on the blade.

Bryan Stewart, 30, of Milton was overheard by neighbors Friday telling a person inside his home that he was going to "kill 'em with kindness," according to a report from the Pensacola News-Journal. 

When a neighbor went to the home to ask Stewart to keep down the noise, the News-Journal reported, Stewart raised a knife in the man's direction.

A second neighbor stepped in front of Stewart to protect the first man and was cut by Stewart with the machete that had "kindness" written on it, the report stated. The man suffered a cut on his hand.

Stewart, who police say smelled of alcohol, was arrested and placed in the back of a patrol car. Police said Stewart was stunned with a Taser after he grew unruly and violent inside the vehicle.

Stewart was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill and aggravated battery.