Community rallies around officer who lost wife in deadly DUI crash

Officer Jack Adams optimistic, thankful for community's support

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The community continues to rally around the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office family involved in a deadly DUI crash. 

Officer Jack Adams was severely injured and his wife, JSO bailiff Cathy Adams, killed on Dec. 8 when their family SUV was hit by a suspected drunk driver on Interstate 95. A fundraiser held Saturday at American Legion Post 137 was just one of many things that lets him know he doesn't have to go through this alone.

"The support from the community, my JSO family and, of course, my blood family, have been just tremendous," Adams said Saturday night. "I mean, we couldn't have done it without everybody."

 Adams is optimistic and thankful for the community's support that, he said, has helped him get through the toughest time of his life. 

"It shows you how big of a heart the city of Jacksonville has," Jack Adams said. "There has been tremendous support. We have gotten through all of this."

JSO Officer Kevin Munger is more than just Jack Adams' co-worker. The two have known each other as motorcycle friends with an organization called the Police Unity Tour.

"We raise awareness as we ride 250 miles to Washington, D.C.," Munger said. "Five years ago, Jack rode with us. He escorted us."

With the help from the Fraternal Order of Police, Munger and his fellow officers helped raise funds through a raffle and silent auction.

"He may never get on the motor again because of this crash, because of something somebody else did to him and his family," Munger said. "His sacrifice, 24 years of his life for the city in this department, and (he) will not be able to finish the way he started. That's tough."

"It was a great loss for (the) JSO family and community. It was a great loss for the Adams family," said Sarah Taylor, who attended the event. "I think we need more events like this throughout Jacksonville because it does bring our community together."

Adams said he's touched by his friends and his community.

"It makes me proud to be a resident of Duval County," he said.

His colleagues said he has made a remarkable recovery since the accident. Kim Johnston, the suspected driver of the car that hit Jack Adams and his family, faces two counts of DUI with serious bodily injury.

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