TSA agent dead after jumping from balcony inside Orlando Airport, police say

Report: Some passengers may have not have been properly screened

ORLANDO, Fla. – Passengers on shuttles to gates at a Florida airport had to be brought back for a second screening, bringing security checkpoints to a temporary standstill.

A spokeswoman for Orlando International Airport told Orlando television station WKMG on Saturday that the passengers were returned in "an abundance of caution" after some passengers may have gotten through the checkpoints without being screened properly.

The Orlando Police Department tweeted that the incident was triggered by a person jumping from the hotel located inside the airport into the atrium where passengers wait to get through security.

Orlando Police:

"We are working an incident at the Orlando International Airport @MCO where a person jumped from the Hyatt Regency Hotel into the atrium area of the airport. This is an active and on-going investigation. This is an isolated incident within the atrium area of the airport. Any reports of suspicious vehicles related to this incident are FALSE. The person that jumped has been pronounced deceased. We are working closely with our partners at @TSA and @MCO to restore normal airport operations. We ask that you have patience with airport personnel as they work through this tragic incident."

The affected shuttles lead to half the gates at the airport, and the standstill caused major delays for passengers.

The spokeswoman says the rest of the airport was operating normally.