I-TEAM confronts man at center of travel scandal

Juan Arteaga faces new complaints as state investigation continues

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Several new developments have surfaced in an I-TEAM investigation involving a Jacksonville man at the center of a nationwide travel scandal. 

Juan Arteaga is accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from people across the country, and then failing to book the trips and vacations they paid him for.

Arteaga is now being fined by the state, is at the center of an active investigation, and has a family member speaking out against him. 

I-TEAM confronts Juan Arteaga

Since our first I-TEAM report Jan. 23 on television and online, 35 families from 11 states have now reached out to us about Arteaga.

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They tell us they paid Arteaga thousands of dollars to purchase plane tickets, hotels, cruises and other vacation packages. However, despite paying him up front and in full as he required, they claim Arteaga didn't book their trips and didn't return their money.

The I-TEAM has been looking for Arteaga to get his side of the story, but when we finally found him, he refused to answer any of our questions.

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