700 dogs found matted, crated on Georgia property, Humane Society says

Dogs were in 'extreme hoarding puppy mill case'

Photo: Releash Atlanta
Photo: Releash Atlanta

VALDOSTA, Ga. – 700 dogs were found living in horrible conditions on a property in South Georgia, Atlanta Humane Society said

The humane society said the dogs have been living in crates their whole lives. They say the tiny crates were stacked on top of another. They were found matted, covered in feces and have never been held or walked.

Release Atlanta is calling this an "extreme hoarding puppy mill case." 

"These dogs were living in filthy conditions and have had zero vetting," Atlanta Humane said. "Many have medical issues and injuries. There were 600+ dogs on this property and we did our part by taking six of them. We actually took the last ones that were in need after many other rescues came together to help." 

"Please, open your heart, support these neglected dogs and save a life today," the post reads. 

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