Mom rails against justice system after plea deal for daughter's killer

Charles Casey sentenced to 30 years in stabbing death of Brandi Nanan

WOODBINE, Fla. – Family members of a Jacksonville mother of four who was stabbed to death in a drunken rage said justice was not served in her killing -- and they blame a technicality.

Charles Casey, 37, pleaded guilty Tuesday to manslaughter in the 2017 stabbing death of 35-year-old Brandi Nanan, whose body was discovered in a wooded area in Nassau County.

Investigators said Casey asked for an attorney once he was taken into custody. Police instead called his mother, and a surveillance camera was rolling when Casey told her that he had killed someone. The confession wasn't discovered until sometime later.

A negotiated plea to the manslaughter charged was agreed upon Tuesday after a judge threw out the confession, which he ruled was inadmissible.

Nanan's family told News4Jax that prosecutors said Casey hadn’t been read his Miranda rights before the confession. The judge called the case “tragic,” but accepted the plea, which included charges of car theft and concealing a death.

"(This) proves the justice system is not right," said Sheryl Lawson, Brandi Nanan's mother. "Nothing was done properly in this case. Nothing."

Prosecutors said Casey and Nanan agreed to meet for sex in exchange for prescription pills the night she died. Casey couldn't get his hands on the drugs, and when he explained that to Nanan, she scratched his face. In response, Casey stabbed Nanan several times in the neck and left her body behind a bar in Nassau County.

"I'm in shock at the moment," Lawson said. "I feel bad for people in the future who might be victims and their case doesn't get handled properly because of a technicality."

Casey was sentenced to 30 years in prison followed by 10 years of probation. He became emotional as he apologized to Nanan's family in Camden County Superior Court.

"I know just saying it doesn't help anything, but all I can say is I'm sorry," Casey said. "I'm sorry for what my actions caused, and I can't make that up, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

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