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Jacksonville groomer gets backlash from South Florida groomer's arrest

Similar name directs hateful emails, social media posts to wrong groomer

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The owner of a dog grooming salon in Jacksonville said she is getting threatening phone calls and social media messages because of an animal abuse case that happened at a South Florida grooming business with a very similar name.

Morgan Murphy owns Groomingdale’s Dog Salon off Hendricks Avenue. It's about 170 miles north of Groomingdale’s of Satellite Beach, where a groomer was arrested earlier this month, charged with animal abuse on a veteran's service dog.

Murphy said she's become nervous of entering her own store after receiving numerous threatening phone calls and dozens of ugly Facebook messages from people confusing her business with where the groomer was arrested. The messages include things like "payback is a bitch" and “hope your business suffers."

Her message to anyone who will listen: Do your research before slandering a business.

Murphy opened her business almost five years ago. It is her passion and the source of her income.

"I just love dogs," she said.

What happened to the veteran's dog that resulted in James Suthann's arrest on an animal cruelty charge is upsetting.  A Facebook post by the disabled veteran said his German shepherd needed emergency surgery and had her tail amputated.

Murphy said she can understand people letting out their emotions over what happened, but is not only worried about her safety but the future of her business.

"I get at least two a day -- messages, phone calls," she said Friday. "I got a really nasty one a week ago and I got a really nasty one yesterday, but a lady who is spreading my number everywhere on social media."

Murphy said she has called police but was told nothing can be done unless someone walks into her business and threatens her.

She said her only option may be to re-brand her business name and change her sign, which would cost a lot of money.  She says she worked so hard to make her business No. 1 when people search on Google and unfortunately, with what has happened, it is backfiring on her.