Student brings BB gun to Seabreeze Elementary School on Monday

Principal says student will face disciplinary consequences

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – The principal of Seabreeze Elementary School sent out a robcall to parents Monday after a student was found with a BB gun on campus.

The message by Principal Aimee Kimball said a replica of a handgun that fires BBs was safely confiscated by staff after it was reported by another student who saw it. The message also said no one was injured.

"This is a prohibited item, and items such as this should never be brought to school. Disciplinary consequences will be administered according to the code of conduct, but I also want to use this situation to remind everyone to please monitor what might be in your children’s backpacks," Kimball told parents in the call. 

According to Duval County Public Schools, any student in possession of a prohibited object could get a parent conference and after-school counseling. If that's declined, the student would get a five-day suspension. 

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