Extremely hot temperatures, sunny skies expected thru Memorial Day Weekend

Daytime highs near 100° in Jacksonville by Monday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today will be sunny, dry and hot. Temperatures warm from the low 70s into the upper 90s for the afternoon hours, Feels like temperatures will be in the triple digits. We should hit 97° for an afternoon high. Winds will be out of the southeast between 7-12 mph after flowing from the southwest earlier during the day.

Memorial Day Monday will be the hottest day this weekend, with afternoon highs expected to top out at 99°, with feels like temperatures in the low triple digits. Expect sunny skies and light winds. 

Tuesday will be similar, starting out in the low 70s. Under sunny skies expect temperatures to soar into the record challenging upper 90s, topping out at 99°. 

Afternoon highs will be in the mid to upper 90s on Wednesday and Thursday as well, with mostly sunny skies and dry conditions expected.  

The numbers will come near and could surpass all-time temperature records.

High temp 'Feel-like' temp Record


97° 100°

99° in 1953


99° 103°

98° in 1989


99° 102°

99° in 1967


97° 99°

97° in 1967


The two days of greatest concern are Monday and Tuesday. Both days will see three to five hours of feels like temperatures in the triple digits. 

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Fire danger will build with the heat, lack of rain, and lower relative humidity. The moisture is so limited that not only don't we see any chances of rain, but we may only see a handful of clouds. That will make a huge impact on top-soil moisture, Expect the fire dangers to soar.

Our feels like temperatures are closer to our actual temperatures than normal because of the lower humidity. 

Because this is a dry heat, the evaporation rates are very high and therefore fire danger will become much greater by the end of next week, just as lightning returns to the skies.

The beaches will without a doubt have some of the best weather, just as the extreme heat is kicking in, the sea breeze will cool beach temperatures by 10°.