Police: Resident of Argyle-area home shoots, kills man trying to break in

Alleged accomplice charged with felony murder, burglary, held without bond

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man accused of trying to break into a house near Argyle Forest made his first appearance before a judge Saturday morning. Christopher Mangham, 18, is charged with felony murder and burglary and being held without bond.

Mangham was charged with murder because his alleged accomplice died during the commission of a felony.

Police say Mangham tried to revive 37-year-old Demetrile Davis, who was shot by the homeowner during a home invasion robbery attempt. Davis died from the gunshot wound Friday afternoon.

The homeowner is cooperating with police and it appears no charges will be filed against him.

Officers responded about 12:40 p.m. to Dover Cliff Drive North near Pilgrims Trace Drive after a man called 911 to report he had just shot another man who was trying to break into his house.

"We believe there was an attempt of a criminal act when he was shot," said Homicide Sgt. Steve Rudlaff. "That is under the investigation."

According to the Sheriff's Office, Christopher Mangham, 18, was found on Pilgrims Trace Drive attempting to revive Demetrile Davis, 37, who died from a gunshot wound. Mangham was detained for questioning and later arrested and charged with felony murder and burglary. 

JSO booking photo for Christopher Mangham

The man inside the home told investigators that someone was ringing his doorbell and knocking repeatedly. As he got up to see who it was, he heard someone else at his back porch.

The Sheriff's Office said the man was fearful someone was trying to break in. He retrieved his firearm and was standing in the hallway dialing 911 when his front door was kicked open. When Davis peaked around the corner, the Sheriff's Office said, the man opened fire.

There's no indication the shooter and man shot knew each other, according to investigators.

No one else was at the home at the time.

Ashley Robinson, who lives in the neighborhood, said she saw police within minutes of it happening and one neighbor's door was broken. 

"I drove by and you could see where the door, the whole frame, was kicked into the door," she said.

She and others who live in the neighborhood said the community is typically quiet, so seeing crime scene tape and police everywhere was concerning.

"You don’t see the cops unless there’s firefighters or ambulance trucks. This was, like, a shocker," Robinson said. "(There's) a lot of kids in here. A lot of people have been here a long time."

Just before 5 p.m., a vehicle tied to the investigation could be seen being towed away. 

The Sheriff's Office said it is checking to see whether any other homes in the neighborhood were burglarized.

Davis had several arrests out of state for breaking and entering and burglary. Mangham was arrested in 2017 for auto theft.

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