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New owner takes over Marineland

Announcement made as oceanarium turns 81 years old

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FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – Grupo Dolphin announced Friday it has acquired Marineland Florida, an oceanarium that began as a movie studio and research facility about 81 years ago with an aquarium, dolphins and other marine species in exhibition.

In 2018, Marineland celebrated a monumental milestone when its Dolphin Experience turned 80. Marineland's iconic arches were rebuilt, and the attraction premiered its movie "Bernie the Dolphin."

"Marineland is a place whose history represents the brith of groundbreaking discoveries in human-dolphin interaction as well as research on species in human care and the wild," said Ediardo Albor, CEO of Grupo Dolphin.

The move comes after Georgia Aquarium, Inc. purchased and rehabiliated the park in 2011.

"We are excited to see Marineland now as part of Dolphin Discovery Group and are very confident they will continue with its mission and make it last for many more years and for future generations.” said Dr. Brian Davis, the executive vice president of Georgia Aquarium.

Marineland is billed as the world's first oceanarium and one of Florida's first marine mammal parks.

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